After receiving so many requests, for the next winter season we have decided to reintroduce our iconic green SPRINT beanie. We have changed the fabric of the first version and now use a yarn made in Italy consisting of 70% merino wool and 30% cashmere and changed the processing method. Now through the new seamless technology we have been able to do away the seams, but kept our essential and minimal look. Available as beanie as well as snood, we are sure  the new SPRINT will be a really must have for next winter season. Stay chic!

In the picture, the very first SPRINT first introduced in 2008 and dedicated to the green jersey worn at the TOUR DE FRANCE by the leader of the «classement du meilleur sprinteur». The greatest number of victories in TOUR’s history were obtained by the German rider ERIK ZABEL, in second place the Slovakian PETER SAGAN. Will the the Slovakian manage to equal ZABEL’s record? The date is set for the Champs-Élysées.

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