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TdF 2017

The Tour de France is finally here. Starting this week-end with a 14km individual TT in Düsseldorf, on Saturday July 1, the Tour will finish in Paris, three weeks later on Sunday July 23.
From Saturday and for the entire duration of the race we will offer 20% discount on our hottest and chichiest polkadot must-haves.
In the picture, the silk foulard LEGGERA CARRÉ GRIMPEUR. Use promocode TOUR2017 at the checkout to take advantage of our promotion.

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kick off

The 69th edition of The «Critérium du Dauphiné» is about to kick-off in Saint Ètienne on June 4. Eight stages, 1155km in one of the most beautiful Département, southeast of France. Don’t miss the stage 7 on Saturday, 168km, start in the Italian Alps community of Aoste and final climb to Alpe d’Huez.
In the picture, our iconic silk carré foulard «CRITÉRIUM»

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leggera carré


We believe in design and extraordinary materials.
Our LEGGERA collection continues to evolve. The brand new «45» and «90» are a modern and elegant interpretation of the classic bandana and consists of three new silk foulards in 45x45cm. and 90×90 cm. Available as «critérium» «grimpeur» and «grand prix» the foulards are 100% made in Italy by the finest and purest mousseline silk yarn, warped, woven, milled and silkscreen-printed in Italy using the old traditional technique «stampa a quadro alla comasca». Size: 45x45cm(17,7×17,7inch) and 90x90cm(35,5×35,5inch).
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dizionario superleggero: Z


ITA — Zurigo /dzuriˈgo/ [zu-ri-go] s.m. – 1. Sarebbe possibile dare una precisa, dettagliata, articolata ed esaustiva definizione di una città svizzera senza venir meno alla proverbiale precisione della popolazione che la Svizzera abita, ovvero degli Svizzeri? Forse spendendosi in una lunghissima disamina di fatti storici, politici, peculiarità relative alle attività produttive ed economiche, al tessuto sociale, alle attività artistiche e alle personalità che la città in questione hanno reso illustre. Tuttavia, tale disamina richiederebbe una così ingente quantità di tempo, da far arrivare in ritardo a qualsiasi appuntamento tanto chi la realizza, quanto chi la legge. 2. Zurigo è capoluogo dell’omonimo cantone e la maggiore delle città svizzere. Circondata dal paesaggio alpino, affacciata sull’omonimo lago, Z. è città d’arte e moda, di tranquilli caffè e di intensa vita notturna. Tanto basti al lettore. 3. A Zurigo si sta bene, la città offre mille occasioni per conoscere ed incontrare. Questo fermento stimola la creatività e l’atmosfera le permette di fiorire. SUPERLEGGERO nasce a Zurigo, in una giornata d’inverno, quando il freddo ti stringe la testa, o forse in una ventosa giornata di primavera, quando i foulard sventolano come le bandiere sulle rive del lago.

ENG — Zürich /ˈzjʊərɪk/ n. – 1. Would it be possible to give a precise, detailed, articulate and comprehensive definition of a Swiss city without faltering over the well-known accuracy exercised by the population of Switzerland, aka the Swiss? This can be done only by providing a lengthy and close examination of Zürich’s historical and political events, the distinctive features of its economy and business, its social texture, its artistic circles and figures that have made this city famous. This examination, however, would require so much time that those providing it and those reading it would arrive late at every meeting. 2. Zürich is the capital of the homonymous canton and the largest city of Switzerland. Surrounded by an Alpine landscape, looking onto the lake of the same name, Z. is a city of art and fashion, of peaceful cafés and an intense nightlife. This is all the reader needs to know. 3. Life is good in Zürich. The city offers a thousand opportunities for encounters, knowledge and learning. This energy triggers creativity, which flourishes in this atmosphere. SUPERLEGGERO was born in Zürich on a winter’s day, when the cold weather gets to your head, or maybe on a windy spring day, when scarves wave like flags around the shores of the lake.